Privacy Policy

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At the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), visitors may be asked for personal information in order to subscribe to the Site's email newsletter and register within the Platform system. To use this site, visitors must agree to the terms of the privacy policy described on this page.

The Privacy Policy explains: 1) what personal information the website collects and stores; 2) how personal information is collected; 3) how personal information is used; 4) security and storage of information. The Site undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of personal information provided by users and not to disclose it to third parties.

What personal information does the company collect and store?

The Site only collects and stores email addresses used to send out weekly special offers. Any customer can opt out of receiving emails at any time.

Additionally, the website may collect publicly available information, such as your IP address and approximate location. The website uses cookies to track visitor habits - session duration, engagement, pages visited, etc. This information helps us determine how to make the website more appealing to our audience.

How is personal information collected?

Visitor personal data is stored in two ways:

Registration on - personal data is transmitted to us when a visitor voluntarily registers within the site's system;

Subscription to newsletters and special offers via email - personal data is retained when a visitor voluntarily subscribes to receive newsletters and special offers from the site via email.

What are visitor email addresses used for?

The Site may use visitor personal data for various marketing purposes. The team sends out 1-2 emails every week to provide information about news, special offers, and promotions. Email addresses are not used for any other purposes. Anyone has the option to unsubscribe from receiving emails.

Information security and storage

After providing an email address, it is stored in the site's personal database. This data is used for the site's internet marketing activities and is not shared with third parties. Only employees have access to the information.

What files do we use and why?

The use of files (cookies) is an integral part of the design of any website. The site uses cookies to recognize each individual's interests and provide the best viewing experience.

"Cookies" are small files that are automatically saved on a computer or other smart device when visiting a website. Their purpose is to allow the site to remember your interests and actions, language, font size, etc. The website uses these files so that we can offer the best user experience!

Updated on February 29, 2024.